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Our products fit perfectly into your every day life; you will hardly pay any attention to them at all. And that is how it is meant to be! With sophisticated systems and innovative materials our slatted frames and beds are so comfortable that you will not waste a single thought on them, you can simply relax.

Bachmann is a supplier to furniture factories of upholstered beds, divans, futon beds, children's and teenagers’ furniture, foldaway beds, transforming armchairs and sofas, boxspring beds and much more. We also produce tailor-made “customer models” for our major customers based on their specifications.

Alongside finished slatted frames, we also produce construction kits, loose frame elements and wooden parts for upholstered furniture.

As a small enterprise, we are very flexible and able to react to the most diverse requirements at short notice, which enables us to guarantee short delivery times. With our own fleet, we can provide a reliable and timely delivery service.

We would be pleased to provide you with further advice and help plan your individual product!