HIgh-Tech Production


Individualized Production

We produce exclusively for major customers "customer models" according to their wishes. But not only finished slatted frames, but also kits, loose frame parts and wooden parts for upholstered furniture can be supplied.

Innovation Driver Manufacturing

With our modern and efficient machinery, mainly CNC machines, we can meet almost any customer requirement in high quality, at short notice and exactly as required.

The efficiency of our plants also enables the implementation of difficult and complex tasks. The redundancy of most plants is always combined with high reliability and a capacity reserve for unforeseen situations.

In this way we guarantee the highest quality, flexibility and reliable delivery for our customers in the mattress and bed industry, vehicle and caravan industry, ship building and e-commerce.

Our business driver:
focusing on our competencies

Due to our continuous optimisation and further development of the manufacturing processes, we offer our customers the possibility of purchasing batch sizes from 1 piece and yet - despite professional time optimised production, our employees create a unicat out of every slatted frame with great attention to detail.